Certification Process
There are 2 classes of certification

1. Certified Electrical Wiring Professional (CEWP)

  • Domestic Electrical Installation
  • Commercial Electrical Installation
  • Industrial Electrical Installation

2. Certified Electrical Wiring Inspector (CEWI)

  • Written Examination
  • Practical Examination
  • Oral Examination (Interview)


Electricians who have been certified by the electricity company of Ghana (ECG) since 24th February 2007 are exempted from undertaking the written and practical examination. After successfully passing through the stages of certification, candidates are issued with

  • A Certificate
  • An Identity Card
  • A Stamp


The Energy Commission engaged the Technical Education Unit (TEU) of the Ghana Education Service to produce a curriculum for the examination and certification of electricians. The curriculum for the examination is complete and is available for purchase at GHC 40.00 at the Energy Commission’s Office.